School Motto

"Vidwanam Sarvatra Poojyate"

The motto of the school is "Vidwanam Sarvatra Poojyate" which is a Sanskrit verse meaning 'A scholar is respected and adored universally'.

The complete shloka goes like this:

Swa gruhe Poojyate Pithara,
Swa graame Poojyate Prabhu,
Swa deshe Poojyate Raja,
Vidwanam Sarvatra Poojyate!!!

The Meaning:

Swagruhe (In His own House) Parents are respected and adored:
(In his own village) A landlord or a rich man is respected and adored.
(In his own kingdom) the king is respected and adored..
But a Vidwanam
(A scholar) is respected and adored all over the world.

Further defined:

The Parents provide all the needs of the children, and the children love their parents, and respect them. (The love is conditional)
The landlord in the village is very rich, and influential, and as such the villagers respect them. (Prabhu). (Here again that respect is conditional)
The king is very powerful, and as such the countrymen fear and respect the king, but only within that kingdom. (Again conditional love)
Vidwan is a man who is very proficient in any skill, whether in Art, Literature, Games, an exponent of Religious matters, Music , etc. Such vidwan's fame and respect cross all borders, irrespective of which country they belong to. (Unconditional love and respect)