About Us


We endeavour to stand up for education's role as a powerful instrument for profound social transformation for goodness of mankind & to create harmony through meaningful education. Our mission is to facilitate balanced vision, self discipline, self esteem & self reliance in the child.

In the growing technological world importance of English cannot be ignored. Hence school will make sure to equip the students with effective & efficient communication skills.

Our mission is to create ideas that deepen and advance our understanding of a child and with those ideas to develop innovative, principled, and insightful citizens who change the world.

Our Strategy

We seek to attract teachers with high leadership potential and engage in an academically-rigorous, research-supported, mutually-responsible learning process, enhanced by uncommon levels of interdisciplinary scholarship and community engagement. Students are encouraged to take full advantage of the assets of The Heritage School and its surroundings. The impact of our ideas and our students extend globally in meaningful ways.

Our Strengths

The following values are widely shared in The Heritage School and provide the context within which the School strives for excellence in achieving its goals.

  • Strict English Speaking Atmosphere.
  • Regular follow-up.
  • Open and free environment.
  • Student-Teacher one to one interactive sessions.
  • Extra time 'Zero period' devotion for working on student's weak areas.
  • Technology based learning.
  • Yoga and Current Affair Sessions.
  • Wi-Fi campus
  • RO Drinking water


"A Tradition of Invention, an Inventor of Tradition"

In a time when there is hunger for innovation everywhere, we believe our first responsibility is to help prepare a generation of students to rise with the challenges of our times. These "students" will increasingly range from kindergarteners to world class citizens.

Inspired by a commitment to achievement through excellence in teaching and applied learning, we will nurture children by exposing them to real life situations along with analytical tools. With this vibrant and dynamic drive, we will build a seamless bridge between students and parents as we develop them to excel anywhere they go, ranging from higher studies to professional studies, who will be the candidates of choice of the industry. Energized by the principles of access and diversity, we will create a community grounded in mutual respect and accountability in everything we say and do.

Core Values
  • The School strives for excellence in achieving its goals.
  • Engage intellectually.
  • Strive for something great.
  • Respect others.
  • Act with integrity.
  • Own your actions.
Message From The Principal

It gives me great delight to introduce ourselves as one of the leading institutions of learning in Haldwani. The Heritage School (affiliated to C.B.S.E-New Delhi) (estd. 2002), is proud on its achievements and its humble efforts to serve the society.

Simplicity was the ideal of The Heritage School. The school has sincerely strived to follow her simplicity in its growth all throughout. Fame does not necessarily come from publicity. We don't need any Hi-Fi to succeed in life; large and colourful flowers that adorn our gardens need not attract a swarm of honey-bees. The key to success is hard work and dedication only; there is no substitute for it... Read More

House System

Education, if not incorporated with co-curricular activities cannot be considered workable and complete. The school is divided into four houses with the prime objective of inculcating in the pupils a sense of collective responsibility and solidarity, a sense of team spirit and to encourage healthy competition. Each House is under the charge of a House Mistress along with House Captains and Prefects who shoulder the responsibility through monitorial system and endure a smooth and efficient functioning of the House. Inter-House competitions are organized from time to time in various fields.

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