A Word to Parents

The present century has been termed as 'The Century of the Child'. A child is 'The Hero' in the 'Drama of Education'.

'Home' is a place, where the child is initially socialised, educated and best understood, but a school is 'A HOME AWAY FROM HOME' where a child is free from adult intervention and learns to have FAITH, gains CONFIDENCE, learns JUSTICE, learns to APPRECIATE HIMSELF, in short learns to find JOY in the world.

'AS A TWIG IS BENT SO THE TREE WILL GROW'. This is the same in case of tender and delicate child, keeping in view the present and future prospective, THE HERITAGE SCHOOL sets out to impart quality education and work for the all round development of your child. Parents will be very much part of this school and we seek your blessing and cooperation to make our dream a reality.

Parents must teach their children the sense of responsibility & encourage them to keep their rooms clean and tidy, make their own bed, polish their own shoes, arrange their school bags according to the timetable and encourage the children for keeping themselves neat and clean.


- John F. Kennedy